Young men have been breaking the boundaries of the fashion world to find their own sense of style and comfortability in the clothing they wear! Fashion trends as of 2021 have been more daring and gender-neutral friendly as young men have embraced the feminine sides of things, as well as tested out older styles of clothing.  

Instagram can be an inspiring way to find clothing that can shape your style. The app has many inspiring accounts to follow that may appeal to your taste. Accounts such as @lessiswore and @outfit.influence have many different types of styles that are up to date with trends as of 2021. 

Traditional accessories have always been popular in fashion amongst young men, but as of late they have become more feminine! Singer Harry Styles, has welcomed the idea of wearing more “feminine” styles of jewelry, such as dangly earrings, pearl necklaces, and an extensive number of silver rings on each hand. Dangly earrings and silver rings have become trends that many people want to participate in. It adds an edgy aesthetic that may be appealing to men and women equally.

Another fashion trend making its way around young men’s choice to up their style game is painting their nails. Painted nails on men have been the subject of some debate. According to traditional gender standards, men have many restrictions on what they can do artistically with their bodies. This social stigma has limited the number of ways young men can express their sense of style. In retaliation young men have been painting their nails darker shades, such as black or grey, and even coming up with creative designs to paint on their nails. Fashion icons such as Asap Rocky and Lil Yachty have embraced the trend, ignoring all the social stigmas that may come along with following the trend. They have inspired many to express their creativity with the fashion choices they decide to make. 

Wearing old, used clothes is another current craze for teens. Wearing vintage clothing or ‘dad clothes’ will give you a grandpa-like aesthetic that is extremely trendy these days. You can find this type of style in either your dad’s closest or various thrift stores such as the Salvation Army or Value Village. One may consider it “hitting the jackpot” if you find a vintage Harley Davidson Graphic t-shirt. After-market prices for vintage clothing go for a surprisingly high price. A two-dollar shirt may cost upwards of fifty dollars if its old enough and if the brand is right. Some local vintage stores that have many great choices are Mintage thrift and F as in Frank, located in Maple Ridge and Vancouver. 

So fellow fashion rebels, really the rule comes down to DO WHAT YOU WANT no matter what your gender is. Clothing is an art form to express your identity as well as your sense of style. Your sense of style is not based on someone’s inability to see how amazing you look! Dress to impress yourself, not other people. 

(Header in courtesy of GQ, US weekly, Pinterest, Popsugar, and Elle)(In-text photos courtesy of Pinterest)