There are many comfortable and trendy outfits to wear this season. Plaids, sweaters, scarves and tuques are perfect ways to be dressed for the fall and winter weather. By gaining a better sense of warmth and coziness, 2017 fall-winter trends have taken a comfy turn.

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Girl’s clothing, such as oversized sweatshirts, comfy sweaters and brown ankle boots are everywhere right now. Styles range between Khaki coloured trench coats and “Mom jeans” with fishnet tights underneath. Accessories, such as chokers, statement pendants, and single earrings, have also been a great hit. There are a variety of hair styles to compliment these outfits, such as messy buns, ombre hair and bangs. Try experimenting with colour, volume or cut to put an edge to your look.

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Bright coloured sweatshirts, different coloured plaids and casual ripped black jeans, have been very popular for boys this season. Incorporating denim and leather in your outfits, is a great way to spice up a look! In addition, winter puffer jackets and tuques are great ways to finish it off.

Casual and trendy sneakers are keeping the autumn-winter spirit alive. Adidas, checkered Vans and Nike are perfect strategies to stay comfy while being fashionable at the same time.

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Winter puffer jackets and parkas have also been made a cozy impact on multiple clothing stores, such as Aritzia, H&M, and American Eagle Outfitters. Comfortable, snug and fashionable, they are the must have jackets of this fall-winter.

Certain styles of the 80’s and 90’s have also been incorporated into the fashion industry today. Customized denim jackets, “Mom” jeans, crop tops and animal prints have been brought back. Adding one of these pieces to your signature statement outfits will give you the edge that you were looking for.

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Fashion Icons such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Zendaya have also made an impact on the fashion industry, taking new angles to expressing themselves in different patterns, colours and outfits. By maintaining being fashionnable and bold at the same time, they have opened a new world for the fashion industry.

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