Riverside Secondary EAL students participated in an international field trip this past week in order for them to get a cultural experience amongst their studying.

Most international students showed great interest when they heard about this field trip, because they didn’t know much about Vancouver, and they also wanted to experience the scenery and characteristics of Vancouver during the holidays.

There were about 40 EAL students and some multicultural clubs students who attended this field trip, along with 3 teachers.

There are two main tourist attractions the students saw during this field trip, namely Grouse Mountain and the Vancouver Christmas Market.

At Grouse Mountain, students played in an open skating rink and tobogganing area and went to the cinema there. They then took the gondola to the top of the mountain and watched Santa’s studio, while also hiking and snowshoeing.

At the Christmas Market, they carefully watched German crafts made by hands, tasted local food and cuisine, and brought some souvenirs to take home.

They gathered at the front door of the school at 7:45am that day and returned to Riverside Secondary School at 3:10pm. This field trip cost $30 per student.

This cultural and festive Winter activity gave many international students a truly Canadian and west coast experience.  “They went up to the top of the mountain and back down to the ocean in one day and that was pretty spectacular!” said by Mrs. Joon。

Staff and students had a great time.  They would have hoped for more snow on the mountain, but the weather was beautiful at the Christmas market.  They all enjoyed spending time together outside of the classroom exploring nature and riding the bus!  Overall, this was a great field-trip!