Model U.N. club preparing for their first in person meeting.

The Model U.N. club researches different world issues (COVID-19, poverty, resources etc.) in different parts of the world then goes to conferences and debates which country needs what resources. For the past couple of meetings, they have been meeting digitally, but very recently they have met in person. To ensure safety, Mr. Clarence Chee put hand sanitizer at the door, everyone is spread out in the classroom and everyone keeps their masks on.

Some of the sports clubs have yet to start. Mr. Shane Ford, a Softball coach wants to offer a chance for athletes to develop their skills. He wants to start an RSS Softball team and to see how much interest there would be. The club starts in the second semester (3rd quarter) and Ford is hoping to have around 20-30 players. He still isn’t sure about if they are going to play any games because of Covid-19.

The Curling club started early in November. Because they meet in person, Mr. David Romani, the teacher sponsor, has been making sure they follow COVID-19 guidelines. Thankfully, even with COVID-19, Romani has not noticed any change in numbers of participants. This year, he is hoping to “develop and honor” the club’s curling skills as well as build on their second-place finish at Provincials last year. He is also hoping to get on the ice to prepare them for whenever the next competition might be, COVID-19 permitting.

The Fishing club is run by Mr. Oliver Mietzker. The idea for a Fishing club came up a few years ago when a couple of students talked about having a Fishing club. In this club, they learn how to tie flies and jigs. Come the spring, they hope to go out to fish at a lake, but that is currently on hold. Mietzker said that there hasn’t been a formal meeting this year, partly due to COVID-19 and partly due to not yet advertising; however, when there is a meeting, he has plenty of space in his classroom so that the students can run it safely.

Improv club members practicing.

In the Improv club, members play exercise games, act out fake scenarios and go through game plans for competition. Although, due to COVID-19, they most likely won’t be going to any competitions this year. This club has had a few meetings online and has just started up meeting in person. To ensure that they follow COVID-19 safety protocol, Ms. Nicole Roberge, the drama teacher, has everyone sign in and wash their hands when they come in the drama room. Before they leave, they also have to sanitize their hands.

The idea for the Environmental club came up when Mr. Brian Chan, the teacher sponsor, and a student were talking about how “it’s strange that the city makes us compost at home, but not at school.” Mr. Chan said that he wanted to be the teacher sponsor for this club because that he believes that the world is very wasteful and unaware of the real impacts it’s having. The club’s purpose is to find simple solutions to make a more sustainable world. This club is using Microsoft Teams to organize small projects that the student can do on their own. Their current goal is to install hand sensors for the faucets in the washroom to limit the contacts people have and cut down on water use.

Even though a couple of clubs have shut down due to COVID-19, with physical distancing and using digital platforms, these clubs have found alternate ways to keep going.