GMOs, also known as genetically modified organisms, food and plants whose genetic structure has been purposefully altered to suit our needs. This food’s genetic structure is meddled with through a process called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of the hereditary traits of an organism by the manipulation of its genetic material.

There are more than 33 different food items that are affected by GMOs and most of them are unavoidable, hidden sneakily in everyday food. If the big plan is to end world hunger for an ever-increasing population, then why are scientists wasting their time developing useless things such as non-melting ice cream, arctic apples and sugar beets? Shouldn’t they be busy finding the answer to life, the secrets of the universe or developing some super food which provides all the necessary nutrients? But no, creating ice cream that won’t melt is more important than solving world hunger. That shows where our priorities lie.

How are we going to solve all of the world’s problems with GMOs? The answer is, quite simply, we aren’t. It isn’t possible or plausible. This plan is a delusion and a dream, a rather nice one, admittedly, but a dream all the same. In order to distribute and start the production of GMOs worldwide, the first step to saving the world,  it would require massive amounts of cooperation. And, let’s be honest, that will never happen, especially not now with Donald Trump as President.

There is also still some controversy surrounding the health effects of GMOs. All in all, if GMOs are actually fine for your health, then why do the companies that produce them flat out refuse to label them. If they have nothing to hide, then label the GMOs. If not, then there simply must be something rather fishy going on. According to GMOs could cause some extremely serious health risks including infertility, immune problems and even accelerated aging. And yet people claim that GMOs pose no health threat.

Haven’t we already messed with nature enough already? Shouldn’t we be focused on trying to save the world, rather than destroy nature more than we already have? Some argue that GMOs are supposed to be useful, to help solve world hunger, and feed the poor, if that is the case, why are they being targeted at North Americans instead of being put to good use in countries where they are really needed?

It would be rather nice to feed the world with non-melting ice cream, arctic apples and pesticide resistant tomatoes, but it’s never going to happen.

Is that the only way to solve this problem? By messing with nature and fiddling around with the genetic structure of food? Surely there must be a better, safer way. And there is. It has been proven that sustainable farming is better for the environment and can produce just as much produce as GMOs, if not more.