With Halloween just around the corner, it can be hard to come up with a new costume that will impress your friends and be the star of the day. As a teenager, it is even more of a struggle as costumes are usually made for either young children or adults; also, costumes from popular stores such as Party City or Spirit Halloween are not cheap. Here are some ideas that are appropriate for school and quick to make with things in your own house!

Fruit salad


This group costume is perfect if you and your friends can’t think of what to wear. Choose a different fruit and decorate a plain dress or shirt to fit the characteristics; for example, if you wanted to be a strawberry, all you need is a red shirt with some white dots on it for the seeds. A green bandana wrapped around your head to top it off for the leaves and you’re all done!

Rosie the Riveter


Show your support for women with this vintage themed costume. A red bandana around your head, a blue shirt, some red lipstick and a 40’s hairstyle is all you need. Don’t forget to strike the pose and say “We Can Do It!” every once and a while.

Chip on the shoulder


You don’t like dressing up for Halloween? Sounds like you should have a literal chip on your shoulder. This costume is super easy because all you need is one accessory: a potato chip. Cut out an oval shape in yellow paper and then fold it up like an accordion to make the creases, and there you have it!

A Sim


A green cardboard diamond and a wire is all you need to be a sim! This costume can be made in the span of minutes, yet is still unique and funny. A step further would be to learn the sim language and only respond to your friend’s in Simlish; it’s guaranteed to make someone laugh.



Finally, if you’re really in a crunch for time, a breadwinner could be the perfect costume for you. Wear athletic clothes such as leggings or a headband, drape old medals around your neck from your kindergarten soccer tournament, and then carry around some bread.




Happy Halloween and happy costume making!


Photo courtesy of Value Village