In this day and age, everyone is interested in everybody’s business, especially celebrities. The most talked and followed celebrities are, of course, the Kardashians. It’s hard not to notice the “click bait” articles written about them while browsing the web. On most media news sites there is at least one article written about them, whether it’s about Kylie Jenner’s new bleached hair or Kim Kardashian’s most “daring” outfit yet.

Although Kylie Jenner was voted one of the most influential teens by Time magazine, there’s plenty more interesting and productive teenagers that should be focused on. With such a high amount of followers that do and praise everything Kylie does, it would be obvious enough to use her high platform to do something that can positively affect the world. Although some people say it’s not up to celebrities to educate their fans on what’s going on in the world, if celebrities are viewed as role models they should take the responsibility to do something simple such as an Instagram post or tweet that delves into world issues. The more celebrities do this, the more people will be educated on issues they might not have heard of before.

Besides fans, most people are sick of hearing about Kylie Jenner on social media as its nothing interesting or anything new. I wouldn’t mind hearing about her if she was talking about something more inspirational, or educational. The celebrities that use up a bit of their time to talk about world issues get a lot more praise and if Kylie Jenner started to do that, only good could come from it.