The former Disney-channel star has had a difficult 2018 in the spotlight of the media. Her former boyfriend of two years, Mac Miller, overdosed on September 7, and the media blamed her for it. She received a lot of backlash from strangers on social media who felt justified to blame her for Mac Miller’s overdose. After breaking up with the rapper in May, due to his addiction to drugs, she dated Pete Davidson within the same month. Social media made a huge fuss over her dating someone else so soon, but really is it any of our business? It’s not fair to her that cameras and paparazzi intrude into her personal life and relationships. Everyone needs privacy, ever since dating Pete Davidson, she’s been right back in the spotlight. If she’s happy with him, then social media-sphere should respect that, which they are not doing since she started dating Pete. The singer turned off all her comments on her Instagram post to put an end to the offensive comments.

Seemingly to solidify their relationship, they went on to get matching tattoos.  She even announced, when she was on SNL for a night, she knew she would be marrying Davidson in the future. Since then, however, the two broke up, fueling more fires in the media about their relationship. If the two of them were happy together, people should cut them some slack. Maybe it’s all the scrutiny that led to their breakup.

It’s not fair to put one person through so much. Ariana’s had a rough year: her Manchester concert was bombed; her ex-boyfriend overdosed; and then, she breaks her engagement to Pete Davidson. Just the daily life of a typical celebrity. Their struggles become our entertainment.  Does no one realize celebrities are actual people? They are affected by people’s rude and harsh comments. Why would she be to blame for other people’s actions? She later spoke in multiple interviews that her relationship with Mac was stressful on both of them, and when they broke up, they were still friends. Blaming her for his death is just cruel. If someone, even a celebrity, is happy, then they deserve to live their life and have privacy.

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