The Metaverse was first announced on October 28, 2021, by Mark Zuckerberg who explained all the different features it would bring to this newly improved virtual world. Anyone who enters the Metaverse will be able to have their own personal digital character and will be able to connect with others, whether it’s through gaming, business, or just virtually with your friends. Although many think that developing the Metaverse will be the last step in the crumbling of our society, the Metaverse will be one of the first steps in forming a new exciting world. 

Communication is very important in our world, and the Metaverse is going to bring it to a whole other level. One thing our technology lacks with communication is having the feeling of being present, and that’s what the Metaverse will bring. With communication, the Metaverse will allow people to have the feeling of being beside the person they’re talking to, instead of just hearing the voice or seeing it on a one-dimensional screen. “In the metaverse, you’re represented by a customizable avatar that can move, speak, and/or perform animated action,” said by Kyle Orland, Senior Gaming Editor at Ars Technica. Many think that this may be a problem because we can end up getting addicted to the Metaverse and that we won’t leave our own homes anymore; yet with the metaverse, it will soon become a world where whether outside or inside, people will be able to enter the metaverse at any given time. 

Another problem that tends to occur is the fear of privacy and security. At first, it could be scary not knowing what’s happening with your information, but in the Metaverse, Meta will make sure that they will be transparent with the public with how their data is used and collected. That being said, it will be assured that whether an area is government regulated or private to yourself, your data will be secure. 

The Metaverse is an endless virtual world that will bring many different experiences. Many wonder exactly how communication will work and how we will be able to see each other. In the Metaverse, users will be able to design their own character using accessories and clothes of their choice. “The next platform and medium will be even more immersive and embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it, we call this the metaverse,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. Communicating with others won’t be the only exciting thing, since in the Metaverse, travelling will also be made easier, allowing people to explore a variety of places, virtually of course.  

While communication and travelling are being upgraded by the Metaverse, this will also lead to opening many new paths for the business and entertainment industry. VR games and NFTs, which are unique digital items, are becoming very popular and by interpreting them into the Metaverse, there will be new awesome environments people can be a part of. Virtual reality has been popular for a while, though the only problem was that users would not be able to feel objects around them. Inside the Metaverse, being able to have some sort of touch feeling will be a reality. The virtual world in the metaverse will be much more immersive and will bring people closer.   

For business purposes, investing in the Metaverse can be one of the best decisions since “the Metaverse is also expected to have a strong connection with the real-world economy and eventually become an extension of it,” according to the World Economic Forum.  

While many are in doubt of the Metaverse as envisioned by Zuckerberg will become a reality, it should be known that the Metaverse is one of the steppingstones in order to help build a stronger and better world. The Metaverse allows people to explore new places, opens new opportunities, and most importantly, helps bring people closer together in new ways. There will always be people who do not favor the metaverse, but once it comes out, everyone will discover that it is going to help form a whole new world for our society. 

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