Every year, a group of Grade 10’s goes to Orlando, but this will not happen in 2016. This will mark the first time in many years that a group of Grade 10’s does not go to Orlando.

“Sadly we must postpone the Orlando 2016 Adventure. We have had several students recently drop from the trip, making our attendees at less than 20. This is our smallest group ever! Sadly the increasing of the group costs amongst 20 students makes the trip more costly than ever before,” said Mr. Gary Horton, in a short email to parents informing them of the cancellation.

Due to low prices and a recessive economy, the Canadian dollar has plunged in value from about 94 cents in June of 2014 to 75 cents in October of 2015. As a result, shopping in the U.S. or visiting the U.S. has become more expensive.

Eventually, and inevitably, the idea to postpone the Orlando trip to 2017, and guarantee a spot for Grade 10’s who wanted to go in 2016 to join the trip in 2017 as Grade 11s, was unanimously accepted. The $200.00 deposit that was paid may be withdrawn by the student, or students may choose to keep the money at the office.

Although most students were disappointed, they also understand the circumstances of the situation, and look forward to an exciting Orlando trip in 2017. Hopefully then, this popular trip will return for Riverside students.