There is nothing scarier than the ring of the doorbell when you’re home alone and not expecting anyone. We’ve all seen enough horror movie (trailers) to know to “not open the door, don’t open the door!”, but when has that ever stopped anyone? However, despite the possibly-impending murder in our own homes, we open the door – and what lies behind is scarier than any masked man with a knife.

It’s a Girl Guide, and they want to know if you’d like to buy some cookies.

The little girl herself isn’t scary – she’s absolutely adorable. It’s knowing that you’re definitely going to end up forking out at least five bucks for a package of Thin Mints that you really don’t need, but want. You already have three boxes (one from in front of the grocery store, two more from the time the little Brownie showed up and you couldn’t bear to ask for change), and the holidays are coming up. There are bound to be plenty of sweets, more than enough regret-filled-chocolates to get you through to your New Year’s diet.

Besides, you don’t even have a fiver. The lowest denomination in your pocket is a twenty and a couple of nickels, but the Girl Guide is still waiting, and she’s still cute, and she’s still holding the box of Thin Mints you so desperately want.

You pull out a crisp, green bill, endlessly deliberating if you should hand it over or make your mother proud and turn her away… but you just can’t. So you hand over the twenty, mutter “I’d like two, please,” and all of sudden you have two new boxes of cookies in your hand and you couldn’t be happier.

(The little girl, of course, just moves on to your neighbour.)

Let it be resolved that we, those who can never say “no thank you” to the little girls in pink costumes at our doors with cookies, are weak. And we’re okay with it.


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