Riverside Secondary Industrial Design teacher, David Romani, is doing a project in his Industrial Design 10 class, where the students are assigned to make their own Halloween costumes with anything they can find in the shop or bring from home. It is due on Halloween day and so far, there are some great results.

The project is designed to get students to be innovative and creative. Romani is asking students to work around limitation of material and limitation of time. “It has been really fun building and painting my costume; I had to work around a couple problems, but I think my Sponge Bob costume worked out pretty well,” said Mateo Brazina grade nine students in Romani’s class.

This project has been done by Romani several times in the past and the students efforts impress him a little bit more each time. He gives the students only two weeks to make their costumes in class and marks the process not the final product. Romani has an anything but average teaching style aimed at teaching kids ‘hands on life skills’ with projects, such as building costumes with mostly things you can find in the shop, such as cardboard, string, wires, paint, glue guns, etc.

Students enjoy Romani’s teaching style and the projects give them an opportunity to use machines, such as table saws and planers; he teaches everything from how to paint your costume correctly to how to cut and fit all the pieces of your costume together. Keep your eye out for some creative costumes on October 31.