COVID-19 isn’t the only thing that is being spread around in the air, Love is also in the air. COVID-19 affects many things on this planet, but romance doesn’t seem to be affected as much. There are still people managing to find people that they can connect to during this pandemic.

According to Christine Lehmann, a journalist for WEBMD, “Couples who met during lockdown say they have had more time to talk to each other with fewer distractions which led to deeper conversations.” Before the lockdown people would go to movies or the mall to spend time with their significant other but during the pandemic those places are closed. Due to the closing, people have to be more innovative with their dating ideas and are forced to go on more secluded outings, such as going for walks, meeting at coffee shops or meeting online. “I think the pandemic has helped me grow my bond with my significant other because there aren’t things like a movie or a game distracting me from her, and I have more time to just keep my focus on her,” said a grade 11 Riverside Student, who wishes to be anonymous.

Couples who met during the lock-down said that the pandemic did not have much of an effect on how they connect to one another.  “If anything the pandemic brought us closer because it gave me more of a reason to talk to people during the summer,” said Grade 11 Riverside student.

Hearing the interviewees, it seems that they are already in each other’s social bubble and they did not social distance from one another, but they would wear their masks in public places. When they are alone in a secluded area, they would not wear their mask. “ In school and public areas we do, but if it is just us two then we would not wear our masks,” said grade 11 student from Terry Fox Secondary (who wishes to remain anonymous).

During the lock-down, people seemed to have more time to talk but are also forced to talk because people don’t have entertainment or parties as a distraction. This can lead to more interesting and in depth conversations with one another. “You start to run out of basic, surface level topics and you have to dive into more details about other things and you can get into some deep conversations about certain topics and you can go so in depth about one’s day there is just so much you can talk about someone,” said grade 11 Riverside Student.

The typical date during the pandemic seems to be either a call over Face time, Discord calling app, or heading out into nature for a picnic in the park.

Besides the fact that there is a pandemic going on, people are still trying to adjust their ways around the virus and trying to manage their own relationships the safest way possible.