The Riverside Secondary dance class and the theater class students are preparing for the Cozy Cabaret, as they are going to present their shows in the drama room on December 19th.

Cozy Cabaret is a student driven Christmas event by the dance class, theater class, and the dance team at Riverside Secondary School. They have spent most of their class time to prepare for the Cozy Cabaret 2019.

If one wants to attend the Cozy Cabaret 2019, admission is five dollars to get in, and there will be desserts and drinks being served, so remember to bring money.

There will be approximately 60 students to present their shows, as students started to think about their shows in early September. The students applied to do a solo performance or work together in a group.

The students of the three groups are very excited to showcase their dance in the Cozy Cabaret because they all like to perform. The Cozy Cabaret will be a very memorable experience.

Ms. Roberge, the teacher of the three groups, said four years ago, she did a show that was very close to her heart with a group of teenagers, and they later graduated. After a few years, those teenagers secretly prepared that show again at a previous Cozy Cabaret to thank her.

Ms. Roberge said, “We call it Cozy Cabaret instead of Christmas Cabaret, because everyone celebrates the holidays differently, and we like the idea that it is warm and colorful and full of songs and dances, so it is cozy.”

The Cozy Cabaret started because one of her students, Malisa Morton, came to her and asked for a holiday event. Ms. Roberge liked the idea and has included a variety of acts since.