Japanese charismas time, Usually we go out to watch illumination, eat dinner with friends, boy/girlfriends, or family, present a gift, party etc. But COVID-19 is coming this year, Everyone think have to stay home. But we want enjoy Christmas. Difficult to going to dinner on charismas , they plan to present high-class gifts and enjoy Christmas.

In new year japan have a event. Every family make a Osechi.

Osechi-ryori(おせち料理)is are traditional Japanese dishes eaten during the first three days of the new year. Tiered lacquer boxes, called jubako, are loaded with various kinds of foods.

Osechi inside
every Osechi have a those foods

Jubako literally means “stacked boxes.” It is a special container made of boxes of the same size. It also connotes “stacking up happiness.”

One typical New Year dish is kuromame, or black soybeans. Kuro, the color black, is considered effective for driving out evil spirits. Mame, or soybean, has the same pronunciation as another Japanese word meaning “diligence.”

I ate osechi ever year but looks is very good but taste is so-so.

Also three days of new year Japanese go to shrine and temple to play a Japanese god. Call Hatsumoude. (初詣)

The photograph is of Kanda Myojin Shrine (Tokyo)

Hatsumoude is the first visit to a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine in the new year.

Famous shrines and temples across the country are crowded with many visitors during the New Year’s holiday.

However, there is a possibility that shrines and temples have been closed due to the influence of Covid. Hatsumode is a very dangerous event now because people gather.

Japanese children are given New Year’s Eve by their parents and relatives. It is a custom that has been seen in a long time in Japan, and it is said that the custom of giving gifts to subordinates on New Year’s Eve has continued since the Muromachi period (1336-1573).

Otoshidama  are when relatives give money to their grandchildren.

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, there is a year-end party at the end of the year in Japan, but all companies have been canceled this year. There are not many people returning to their parents’ home this year.

One news said that the vaccine will be widely distributed next year, and the pandemic may end next year.↓

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