The second annual Christmas Cabaret, or Holiday Cabaret, is a fundraiser and an event where musical theater students from Rock of Ages have the opportunity to select a song or routine and put together an act with their friends. It’s happening December 15 at 7:30 pm and it’s 5$ to get in.

“This allows for people that didn’t get a leading role in our musical to take the spotlight for themselves,” said Ms. Roberge, Riverside’s drama teacher. “It’s kind of like a musical theater variety hour and there will be a little bit of everything in this show.”

There will be snacks and a “mocktail” bar, plus non-traditional seating (tables, couches) to increase the holiday vibe. The Christmas Cabaret is a student motivated fundraiser where students do their own choreography, design their own costumes and sets. The entire musical theater class (54 students) is involved either onstage or backstage.

It’s a great opportunity to see Riverside’s students fantastic talents. All friends and family are welcome to join the fun, and it’s going to be filled with lots of Holiday cheer. All the money raised will be going to help the production of the musical Rock of Ages. Be sure to check it out.