Halloween is in the air and all the haunted houses in the lower mainland are getting ready for business! What better way to celebrate the holiday than a good scare and free candy? Check out these community events to hang out with friends and have a good time.
According to a local community guide, the V3H, the Halloween howl took place on Saturday, October 24 from 1 to 6pm. The Halloween Howl was a trio of events at the Hyde Creek Rec center, including a haunted house, spooky swim and carnival games. This event is a Port Coquitlam tradition, so look out for it next year!
Halloween at the Landing Youth Center is an event for teens age 11 to 18 at the Pinetree Community Center in Coquitlam. The event runs from 6 to 9pm on Saturday, October 31. The event includes pumpkin carving, horror movies and, of course, candy! For more information call 604 927 4386.
Big Screen Big Scream is also a big event in the Tri-Cities. This event is held every year at the Centennial pavilion/Gateway Youth Center in Coquitlam including a Halloween movie marathon and candy hunt for teens age 14 to 18 on Saturday, October 31 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.
Art Knapp funland is also open daily until November 1. Though directed more towards younger children, it is a good place to pick up a pumpkin without braving the mud and rain at the pumpkin patch. There is also a haunted tunnel ride, entertainment and even a zip line. Funland is open Sunday to Wednesday, 9:30-5:30, Thursday to Friday, 9:30-8:30, and Saturdays 9:30-6:30.
Haunted houses are one of the best parts of Halloween, and there are plenty around if you can handle the fear, so have fun and remember to always be safe when trick-or-treating!
Photo courtesy of britishcolumbia.com