Racism unfortunately exists in many cultures. According to an article that was published by Global News, Canadians were surveyed on the rise of racism in Canada, and Canadians seem to be “concerned” about this issue. It’s understandable to be concerned about this issue, Canada has a history of racist events. Nobody can forget what happened with the Chinese head tax, the Komagatu Maru, Residential Schools, and most recently the controversy surrounding a woman accusing NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh of being a terrorist. However, as we watch the divisiveness growing in the Unites States, it is safe to say that Canada is a much more inclusive country. The majority of the Canadian population doesn’t seem to prioritize race when judging an individual as much as some citizens in the U.S may prioritize it. The rally in Charlottesville is an example as to how much passion is put into defending white supremacy. Not to say that every Canadian has a clean soul but there hasn’t been a rally of this magnitude where people are defending the right to keep symbols of racist figures. It also doesn’t help the situation when there is a commander in chief finds that finds football players kneeling for the national anthem more of a problem than racist protesters. Prime Minister Trudeau, however, appreciates other cultures and works with different people to understand cultures that he isn’t educated on. Trudeau has worked with Muslims with the “Ramadan Project”; he has defended the Jewish community, and has made efforts when it comes to resolving grudges between the Aborignals/First Nations people and the Canadian Government. When it comes to President Trump, however, he’s done so much harm to different cultures with the Muslim ban, the “wall”, wanting to kick out the immigrants under the DACA system. Canadians should be thankful and humbled that we live in a country where different cultures are not only accepted in government, but also accepted within the majority of the population. I think people should realize that in the U.S, people are getting killed strictly because of the complexion of their skin and most of the people doing the killing seem to be police officers who have more power over the average individual. Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Michael Brown, are just to name a few of many that were innocently shot to death merely because of the colour of their skin. Not to say that we shouldn’t be concerned, but, we can be thankful that were not experiencing the same amount of divisiveness as in the United States.