For years now, BC students have been hearing about the new curriculum coming into classrooms and they will soon be able to start looking at some of the new courses available during course programming in February and coming into schools in September of 2019.

Riverside’s Art department is getting new courses, such as 3D Game Design 12 and Animation 11. In 3D Game Design, students will learn how to create their own game and be taught how to use the online software that comes with the course. In Animation 11, students will learn how to do 3D and 2D animation and learn the differences between the two. Students will be taught in the same way they would be in post-secondary or in a real workplace for animation.

The Drama department is getting new courses as well, such as Directing and Script Writing 11 and 12. In the courses, students will learn how to write scripts and direct their own plays. They will learn leadership skills since they will be expected to mentor and peer-coach other students in the course. Drama International 11 and 12 are open to any student who wants to be in Drama but does not have English as their first language. In the courses, they will discover drama and theatre as well as improve their communication skills.

English at Riverside is about to have some major changes with many new courses such as New Media 10 and 11 with a Journalism focus. Grade 10 and 11’s can take the course for credit and nines and 12’s can take it as an elective. The course will be similar to the original Journalism course offerings. English First Peoples 10 is a course meant to give students an introduction to First Nations’ texts, cultural identity, as well as the past, present, and future of their role in Canada.

Science 9 has changed with the entire course circling around four main concepts now. The concepts will be taught through lab work, projects and new ways of using Riverside’s technology to an advantage. The same goes for Science 10, which will build on the four concepts from Science 9. Social Studies is getting a new course called Economic Theory 12. In the class, students will question why certain theories just don’t quite work or how well they work in the economy.

Riverside’s options are changing and students are encouraged to try the new courses coming into Riverside and, hopefully, to find their passion.