On October 20, Riverside Secondary School’s grade 11 biology classes, taught by Mrs. Bree Mireau, went on a field trip to Science world. The students got to view Science world’s newest exhibition Animals Inside Out which runs from October 3, 2015 to March 28, 2016. They also toured other areas of Science world which are there all year round.

P1020344The main purpose of the trip was so the students could see the new exhibition as it relates to the classes current unit, the study of evolution. With the exhibit the students were able to better comprehend the unit itself and put their new acquired knowledge to the test with questions that related to the exhibition and evolution. Noemi Keresztes, a grade 11 Biology student said, “The exhibition helped me fully understand the whole process of natural selection. I found it quite intriguing when I discovered that giraffes and humans have the same amount of neck bones, yet a giraffe’s neck is impressively longer than ours and are used in a significantly different way.”

After the students completed their tour of Animals Inside Out, they got to have a mini scavenger hunt within science world. Mireau gave them a list of things they had to find and take pictures of, and later on post it on their edublogs. This was a great way for students to observe each exhibit in a more extensive way, and see things that may help them later on in Biology.

When the students were done all their required work they got to freely explore Science world. Several students went to Science worlds White spot and got to enjoy burgers and their renowned garlic parmesan fries. Some students went to the IMAX and got to watch a documentary about Humpback Whales, or Dinosaurs Alive.

Horse Head at Science WorldSheep from Science worldP1020362P1020358