Riverside’s Bhangra dance club is an opportunity to learn a dance and get a workout at the same time

Riverside's Bhangra dance club is a fun, new experience welcoming dancers of all levels!


The first recorded appearance of Bhangra as a dance originated in the late 1800’s. Overtime, Bhangra has evolved and developed different styles. Originally, it was a combination of different folk dances from all over Punjab, India. The newer form of the dance blends together Western pop music with original Punjabi tradition.

Two Riverside students by the name of Jashanjot Kaur and Anaiya Dua had the idea to bring Bhangra to the school. “Jash is a competitive Bhangra dancer from Surrey,” said Riverside music/drama teacher Ms. Nicole Roberge. It’s her first year at the school, and she would like to bring a different form of cultural dance, a good workout, great rhythm, beautiful costumes, and the color and magic of the dance to Riverside.” Kaur knew that Roberge was the right teacher to ask because she taught the dance unit for the P.E. 10 classes. Even though Roberge is a busy teacher, with drama, musical theater and organizing the plays at Riverside, she would also love to see a club like this become popular in the school community. “I just think it’s an amazing workout, and it’s also a great way that we can diversify our dance knowledge,” said Roberge.

There aren’t many members currently, and Roberge thinks that is due to apathy. So with multiple posters around the school publicizing the club, more ‘buzz’ will be created, and more people will join. The club is every Monday after school from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm in the drama room, and everyone is welcome. Teachers, students and parents are all eligible to join without any experience necessary. The drama room has a huge mirror across the back wall and a great stereo system which makes for a great dance setting, especially for this style of music.

Like all forms of dance, it can be a good alternative to traditional physical activity. This club specifically, might help to promote the multiculturalism of the school. The club is open now and accepting members, so get signed up as soon as possible for a new, fun experience!