On December 14, Japanese teachers from Kyoto and Fukuoka, Japan visited Riverside and learned about Coquitlam’s school district. During the session in the library, local Japanese travel agencies advertised videos and shared information about British Columbia school districts. Afterwards, students from Ms. Catherine Yamamoto’s Japanese class gave the teachers a tour around Riverside and answered all of their questions regarding technology usage.

The information session at the library.

Yamamoto also described this experience as a great opportunity for the Japanese teachers to learn more about Coquitlam’s school district. “By coming to Riverside, the Japanese teachers received a lot of information about the international programs, and were very impressed about the technology programs we use,” said Yamamoto. She also described that she was glad Riverside was chosen by the Coquitlam School district to host this event and give them a tour around our school. “It was a great experience for the Japanese teachers to visit Riverside.”

A group picture of everyone that attended the session.

Riverside grade 12 students, Lisa Kanauchi and Kaito Ymada helped with this event and showed the teachers around the school and answered all the questions they had about the graduation requirements, technology, and school activities. “Riverside is different from the school’s in Japan, because the students at Riverside use technology everyday,” said Ymada.  “It was new to the teacher’s and they were very impressed.”

The Japanese teachers that visited Riverside were, Ms. Fumiko Yshimura, Mr. Yuma Furuta and Mr. Michinori Nakayamo. In addition, representatives from Japanese offices, included Mr. Kohta Nagayoshi, Mr. Toshiyuki Watanabe, and Ms. Rie Shinozaki. Other members from Vancouver offices, Mr. Masa Horino, Ms. Ritsu Muratake, Mr. Sean Muata, and Mr. Yoshito Saito, also attended the session at Riverside.  A few representatives from Destination BC also visited Riverside, including Ms. Monica Leeck and Ms. Laura Hoppe. Lastly, Mr. Alan Schroeder, from the BC Ministry of Education also participated in the session.

The Japanese teachers finished their trip, after visiting Victoria, Whistler and Squamish earlier this week.