On the night of December fifth, Grade 11/12 students attended a night to remember at the annual Winter Ball. This year’s theme was ‘Winter Wonderland’, and while it was successful, planning it provided a bit of a challenge.

Lorin Watson, one of the leads in charge of Winter Ball, talked about her stress level when it came to plan the dance and how the responsibility affected her.
“I was pretty stressed out in the beginning,” said Watson. “I didn’t want the decorations to look bad and it was difficult for me to imagine it all. But once we did the ‘mock’ set-up a week before the dance, it became easier to relax. Also, it helped that once it actually came down to setting up, a lot of people stepped in to do their part.”

Anika Morokhovich, the other lead in charge of Winter Ball, explained how they came up with this year’s theme for the dance.
“We did some voting in class,” said Morokhovich. “During one of the meetings, somebody came up with the idea of ‘Enchanted Forest’ and then somebody else came up with another idea. Eventually, we just decided to combine the two, and it was basically just a process of voting and taking other ideas out that didn’t fit the theme.”

The two girls went on to give advice to a future Grad Committee, with everything they learned from planning Winter Ball.
“Make sure you’re organized,” said Watson. “Have all your decorations at least two weeks ahead and designate all your people to specific tasks. We had leaders in each section of the hallway and so the decorating came out a lot smoother, just be organized and you’re golden.”

Morokhovich, however, focused her issue on the amount of helping hands that were in Grad Committee, and how many people were committed to the club.“Winter Ball is all about planning for future Grad events, but I think the problem with that is that somewhere along the way, people lose sight of that. When we were planning it, other members in the committee didn’t feel like everyone was holding the same amount of weight as others, so it became difficult for us to move forward. Personally, what I suggest is that people should remember this dance helps fund other future Grad events, such as Dinner Dance. Commitment is a difficult thing, but there’s always an end goal somewhere, you know?”

The overall hard work of Winter Ball proved to be a success, as everyone danced the night away and stunned in their outfits for the evening. Plenty of photos were taken, whether it was in the hallways or the dance floor itself. While there were no signs of winter outside the school, the night itself became a wonderland.