Grade 10 career life education (CLE) students at Riverside were involved in an event called ‘Careers and Conversations,’ which was held in the school library on October 26, 2018.  This event helps students practice their communication skills with people from various business in a job fair setting; they discuss and learn information about different people and their unique career paths. During this event, students had a chance to interview numerous people who had different jobs that piqued their interest.

The event was arranged by Riverside Librarian, Ms. Sue Henderson. “One of the things I really care about is providing opportunities and motivation for students to be excited about their future,” said Henderson.

Riverside CLE 10 teacher, Ms. Adrienne Chapell describes the event as an opportunity for students to gain experience for their ‘soft skills.’ Soft skills are communication and social skills that help people work well with others. “Students also have a chance to get to hear about different careers,” said Chapell.

Students found the event helpful. “This experience is valuable to students because you learn firsthand what someone’s job is. It makes it easier being face to face instead of reading the description of the job online,” said Lauren Gunster, a grade 10 CLE student.

Pictured: Ashley Impellezzere


Ashley Impellezzere is a Girls’ Team Canada cheerleading coach and a teacher and was a presenter at the event. “The event is a great way for students to become comfortable talking with someone when applying for a job,” said Impellezzere. “First impressions matter.”


Joanna Cross talking to a student about her career.

In addition, Joanna Cross, was also at the event, is a courtroom reporter and explained the benefits of the event as an opportunity to learn more about different careers. “I think it’s important for students to know what career paths there are, so they don’t feel restricted to traditional jobs,” said Cross.


Pictured: Stephen Clayton

Among the other professionals who spoke to students was Stephen Clayton, a mining engineer; he recounted the event as important to students as they have lots to choose from for their career which can be overwhelming. “The more you become aware of these opportunities, the easier it is to decide which path take,” said Clayton.

This was the fourth year the CLE event was held at Riverside.