Quick! We’re all inside a submarine that’s sinking and go! 

Have you ever wanted to let that wild and crazy side of you go? Do you want to laugh and have some fun? Then come to the drama room on Thursdays and consider the improv club!  The improv club helps students think quickly on their feet with fun improv games and activities.  

“I really believe that theater should be a part of everybody’s education at some point because it helps us open up and look at the world around us instead of being so focused in the world within,” said Ms. Nicole Roberge, the drama teacher at Riverside and the sponsor of the improv club. Improvisation is an essential skill to have because life is improvised, so you become better at interviews, public speaking, and operating in a social setting. Being on stage often in front of an audience can also help reduce social anxiety, increase self-confidence, creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and cooperation skills, and physical self-awareness.  

“In improv, every part of you is telling a story, and so self-awareness becomes very important. You need to keep the question in mind, ‘What am I conveying to the world through my voice?’ Improv teaches all of that,” said Roberge.  

The club also has occasional guests that come in, encourage, and interact with the club. In 2018 the improv group Off Key would come in every week and help students out. This year Ms. Roberge is trying her best to get a guest to come in, however, because of COVID-19 it will either be remote or only a single guest coming to speak in person. 

Maxwell Strazhnik, a grade 11 student from Riverside, joined the improv club this year. “I have always liked improv and theater, but not enough to choose a drama course. With the improv club, I can get a taste of theater without needing to dedicate an elective to it.” Strazhnik also said the improv club was like a break to him, a break from all the projects and tests, and instead, is time to have fun and relax. 

The club is currently closed to new members because there have already been multiple training sessions and the basics have already been covered. The club does not want to go over the basics again and again for each new member. However, if you are interested in joining the club, keep that in mind for next year since new members will always be welcomed in September. Whether you have taken drama or not, everyone is welcome if you are positive and supportive.  It’s a great way to build friendships, build confidence, and laugh.   

And scene!