When it comes to Halloween one can run into many obstacles along the way. Whether it’s money, materials or coming up with a creative and clever idea, Halloween costumes can be tricky. We hope these costumes will inspire creativity, but also help in avoiding those funny fails!


Ironman or a gold Tinman from the Wizard of Oz – who knows!

This man tried but, unfortunately, his attempt at being Ironman failed miserably. The content of this costume involves a lot of cardboard and packing tape, making his costume look cheap and messy. The saying ‘work with what you have’ definitely applies here, however.


Scooby-doo to the Halloween rescue???

effort! This kid’s parents must’ve spent painstaking hours at the sewing machine carefully cutting out and sewing the dots onto his costume. The amount of time they must’ve put into paper mache-ing his head is unimaginable. Yet, maybe the costume is a funny fail because although it’s recognizable as Scooby-doo, something just isn’t right.


Paper bag head, box boy’s attempt is just sad…

Regarding the low effort category, what is this? What were they thinking? Is he supposed to be a ghost, a chimney?  This poor child probably said, “Mom I want to be a monster”, and that was the end of it.  Then we can only imagine the horror when he tried it on. 



When in doubt, wrap yourself in tinfoil!

According to 
Walmart.com, a roll of tinfoil is $2.99, making it possibly the cheapest costume to ever exist. This silver surfer or tinfoil zombie makes the list for the sheer effort of piling as much crinkled tinfoil onto his body and a surfboard as he could. Clever and creative!!!


Are trash bags handy? Raisins make a great last-minute costume!

Many would say that black trash bags could only be a last-minute attempt at putting together a costume, but this is an incredibly clever costume. These kids probably asked, ‘What are we going to be for Halloween?’ And in a panic, the parents took out the trash bags and voila! …two crinkly raisins!


Thumbs up? For what exactly?

What is this costume you may ask?  Is it Princess Leia gone wrong or could it be the Michelin man? Either way, it’s ugly and scary but not in the right scary way! It looks like a marshmallow that has burnt grill marks on it from roasting it over a barbecue. Sorry, it’s a thumbs down for us!


Your friendly neighborhood Pumpkin Man!

The originality of this one is great despite its obviousness. A pumpkin on Halloween seems so normal, yet have you ever seen someone dress up as one? Is he a pumpkin as Spiderman? Or is he Spiderman as a pumpkin?



A Starbucks’ mermaid might snag you a free drink, if not some laughs!

The fact this person went into a Starbucks after creating this abomination is quite a brave and bold move. We have so many questions: What were other people’s reactions? Did the workers laugh? Did you get to meet the Starbucks mermaid? Did she get a free drink?

The lonely slug is the winner!

This costume is the best of the bunch!  The detail of the plastic wrap attached to the bag as slime is awesome! The colouring and the antennae are a perfect match.  But there is also something so sad; he’s alone, head held low and he’s a slug. It’s hard being a


From the Michelin Man to a lonely slug… what will your costume be? A funny fail or clever and creative?

All photos courtesy of Pinterest