Riverside Leadership, run by Ms. Chapell, inspires many Leadership students to create a fundraiser to help the school and community. Though there are many fundraisers put on by this group, five particular ones come to mind.

The school has many existing fundraisers such as individual sales including candy cane grams, hot chocolate, and baked goods, bubble tea and Krispy Kreme donuts. These particular fundraisers exist to subsidize the spirit assembly, and eventually help pad food donations for hampers. Ms. Chapell has been doing leadership for two years at Riverside and previously eight years at the middle school she used to teach at, Pitt River Middle School, totaling ten years of leadership class experience.

Although leadership has many fundraisers, there are definitely some more momentous than others. Although Ms. Chapell teaches the course, it is the students that decide whether they want to make a fundraiser or give back to the community in another method.

Ms. Chapell believes some fundraisers don’t get the attention required despite the severe attention they need to set them up. She says that in the second semester, a fund or charity for homelessness will be created which is believed to be one of the more major and serious charities.

Ms. Chapell thinks the two major fundraisers are the Terry Fox Run and the upcoming fundraiser, the Homeless Awareness fundraiser. She believes that the Terry Fox Run is important since raising awareness for cancer simply isn’t enough for such illness and will greatly assist with future research about cancer. She believes the fundraiser for homeless people is important as it isn’t as regarded as the Terry Fox Run since it is not as advertised as the Terry Fox Run.

Ms. Chapell says that running leadership has impacted her because it helps her get to know not just the students she teaches, but also other teachers, and people in the school and community.

“Unlike when I taught English, I get to communicate and talk to people all around the school,” said Chapell.