Out with the old and in with the new; there are many new and exciting fashion trends for 2017. Multiple fashion industries have set the latest fashion trends for the New Year. The new trends are a mix of casual and elegant, while other articles of clothing are just upfront bold and unique, such as a Van Gogh`s Starry Night on a garment.

vincent painting pants use

There are different colors and prints that will be trending, bright yellow and bubblegum pink will be trending in the spring and summer time. While Khaki colored trench coats will be trending in the fall. 2017 is ditching tight skinny jeans and bringing back leggings as simple clothing but may be dressed up by wearing it under a neon floral print dress.

neon floral print dress use

Sneakers aren’t exactly the dressiest or elegant shoes but you can wear leopard print ones or sequined design ones to dress up an outfit. Also dress down an outfit by wearing an over sized fancy buttoned up dress shirt as a simple dress.

Do you remember the famous choker necklaces on females? Well in 2017 it will be trendy for a male to sport a choker necklace as well. For women’s jewelry long and bold earrings that go past your shoulders will be in.

Mini purses that are just big enough to fit your phone into them will be in as well as black hair that ombres into silver at the middle of the length of your hair to your tips, match this hair style with a frilly or cut out shoulder blouse.

black ombre hair use

2017 has brought back very comfortable clothing and what many fashion industries call, ‘easy elegance’. This is usually simple or comfortable clothing that you can dress up easily. How about a comfortable jumpsuit or some artistic design baggie and loose pants? At home, relax in style with fancy robes.

For a bolder outfit you can match dress pants with an oversized blazer that has large shoulder pads, and a more casual outfit, wear some simple leggings with a cut out shoulder top and a nice khaki trench coat and some comfortable sneakers.

cheetah print sneakers use

Seems like 2017 opted for comfortable clothing instead of going through the pain of heels and tightness of skinny jeans.