Music lovers know how hard the music industry can be and how much it can change particular artists. In many cases, artists become just another celebrity and forget about their roots and what they really set out to do, make music. From magazine articles and relationship scandals, the top artists have become more about their story and less about their music.
But what about the artists that stay true to their style and don’t become just another Hollywood star, where is their recognition?
Some artists such as Michael Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, a folk singer from England, have stayed away from the Hollywood scene, but still manage to have a top single. His song “Let Her Go”, was released back in 2014 and won multiple awards. During his concert that I attended back in September, he said how he truly doesn’t care how many times he makes it on top charts, he just wants to make music. That’s what music should be about. He has six albums out and the first one was released back in 2009. Since then, his style hasn’t changed and his talent has only become stronger but he is still the same Passenger we all know and adore.
Other artists such as James Bay have also learned to keep grounded. The singer/songwriter from England started off doing Open Mic nights at bars and eventually got discovered and signed to a record label. Since then he has released four extended plays (EP) and one album and his music is being heard worldwide. The lyrics of all his songs are written by him and he’s managed to stay ‘grounded’ through all the recording processes. Few people know how controlling record labels can be; a lot of artists don’t have a say in songs that go on their own album and don’t have the opportunity to have their own work released. But Bay has managed to stay in control and produce his own music just as he envisioned.
Lastly, current pop phenomenon, Ed Sheeran. Sheeran is a singer/songwriter also from England who started his career busking in the streets of his home town, eventually moving to London to fully pursue music. The singer was homeless for years and slept on friends, producers, and even strangers, couches. Since then, Sheeran has released over 10 EP’s and two full length albums. His music has taken the world by storm and even won Best Male Artist at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Through all his success and globalization, Sheeran is nowhere near the “Hollywood star” stage. He manages to keep out of media and stick with his original roots. Sheeran has done hundreds of collaborations with artists such as The Weeknd and Beyoncé to The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney; however, he has still managed to stick to his own sound despite the many times he could have taken the easy way out.
Throughout all these artists’ careers, they have managed to stay true to their roots.
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