One of the many problems facing teens today is the struggle of keeping a healthy mentality.  It’s very rare to go through high school without facing some form of anxiety or depression, or any other mental illness for that matter.  When mental health isn’t treated, it can lead to suicidal thoughts.  In fact, suicide is one of the second leading causes of death for people from ages 10-24 in Canada. So, why is the topic of mental illness and suicide still considered to be such a taboo?

There are, of course, many different reasons someone would want to commit suicide.  A rapper by the name of Logic isn’t afraid to spread awareness about mental illness.  He created the song “1-800-273-8255” (“1-800” for short) with fellow artists, Khalid and, Canadian, Alessia Cara. The title of the song is also the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and since being released in May, the number is called 30% more than it was in 2016. It has been a big a difference in the lives of many.  And although the phone number is the Lifeline in the United States, the same number can also be called in Canada.

On August 17, 2017, Logic released the music video for “1-800.” In it, Logic shows the life of a black, gay, teen who is struggling with intimidation from his peers and having to come out to his family. The boy becomes a suicide survivor because he called the phone number.  People suffering with depression can turn to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline during dark parts of their lives. The video also gives hope to those who haven’t, knowing that the music video has a happy ending.  According to a TooFab interview, Logic said that he made the video featuring a gay, black teen because he believes that in America, those who struggle most are black people, gay people and young people.  With this song though, he wanted to represent everyone.

If so many people go through having to deal with some type of mental health issue, why is it so rare to talk about it?  Artists who have some type of following should speak out about things that they believe in, knowing they have such an impact.  Logic’s song proves that music can influence many.

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