Thursday, January 17, 2019

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LGBTQ+ musicians and influencers provide a positive voice for the community

Openly LGBTQ+ musicians and influencers are important to people in the community, especially youth. A good example of this is Ellen DeGeneres. She came...


UCI saves Froome from doom

Every sport has its share of athletes who try and cheat the system by doping. Unfortunately, cycling has more that it’s fair share. Everyone...

Mental Health

Relax, rest your shoulders and breathe

Are you having a bad day? Did that one person in your gym class make fun of you because you’re slow at running? You...

Environmental Blog

Zero waste living; could you do it?

Zero waste living is a lifestyle in which an individual doesn’t use plastic, and most would be surprised how much plastic there really is....

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Stock up on your fall wardrobe!

As Fall is in full swing, it’s time that fashionable teens know about the new trends that will set the tone for the season. The...

Technology Blog

Apple debuts most expensive technology yet

For some crowds, Apple revealing new products is like Christmas coming months early. Technology employees everywhere used to toil away in order to prepare...

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Healthy food as being too expensive is a myth

In this day and age, it is very common to see working parents coming back from work late. Sometimes they must work two or...